How to freeze TRX tokens to get free Bandwidth and Energy

The DV.NET team recommends using TronLink for staking the TRX coin.

What is the advantage of TronLink? Not every mobile wallet correctly supports the TRON network.

The TronLink solution creates maximum convenience for using cryptocurrency and its TRC tokens.

You can use TronLink on your ANDROID/IOS smartphones, in CHROME/FIREFOX browsers

What is this for?

  • Using the Stake method, the user accumulates Energy and Bandwidth daily by “freezing” their TRX, thanks to this, when transferring amounts from wallet to wallet, it will be possible to burn Energy and save on commissions.

This way you save your money on Transfers and will be able to activate “Hot Wallets” for your customers as quickly as possible.


1st step: When you first launch the wallet, you need to create a new one or insert an existing seed. Click “Create Account”, read the license agreement to the end and confirm “Accept”.

2nd step: Now come up with a name “Set Name” (it is not registered anywhere and has nothing to do with your account, but is only needed for your convenience to differentiate wallets if you create several in the future). Confirm “Next Step”.

3rd step: Set a password with at least 1 small letter, 1 capital letter, 1 number and at least 8 characters long. And enter it again to confirm.

The most important step is the mnemonic phrase. This will be the only way to recover your TronLink wallet if you lose your device or delete the app. Confirm “Back up now”.

4th step: After successfully saving the backup, enter the welcome page of the TronLink wallet.
Here are the “Assets” tabs. , “Market” (Exchange, exchange of coins), “Browser” (Using decentralized applications such as Just) and “My” (Settings wallet).

5th step: To “stake” TRX coins, you need to perform several actions:

  1. In the TronLink wallet, select the “Stake” option.
  2. We are taken to the replenishment page, where we need to select “receive”.
  3. In the window that opens, make a choice in favor of “TRON Power and Energy”.
  4. Enter the number of TRX coins that can be sent for freezing. For us it will be 1000.
  5. We agree and press the “Stake” button.
  6. The operation will be completed within 1 minute.

Done, you now have the energy for free transactions. Our frozen 1000 TRX gave almost 18,000 units of Energy.
Let's try another transfer. We repeat the steps described above and voila - this time we were charged only Bandwidth for transferring 10 TRX to another wallet,
without burning tokens, as was the case before staking.